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Re: Problem when I use alias with deferencing option

--On Wednesday, September 19, 2012 1:10 PM +0200 Paola Laguzzi <paola.laguzzi@unito.it> wrote:

I have a problem when I use the alias. I have an OpenLdap with 450.000
entries and 450.000 alias.
When I make a search using the deferencing I obtain a wrong result.
For example:
- if I search in the alias tree  uid=xxxx I obtain zero entry but I have
the alias and I have the phisical entry
- if I search in the alias tree ou=xxxx I obtain a number of entries that
is different from same search performed on the phisical tree

I would assume that is not the intended behavior. You don't state what version of OpenLDAP you are using, which would be useful information as well.



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