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Re: Replace nis schema to rfc2307bis.

Guillaume Rousse wrote:
> Le 18/09/2012 17:06, Daniel Lopes de Carvalho a écrit :
>> I'm new to LDAP cn=config and I would like to replace nis schema to
>> rfc2307bis. Is there a way to do this?
> Your configuration backend (file or ldap) doesn't matter here, you have to
> export and convert your data offline before reimporting them from scratch, as
> those schemas (actually rfc2307 vs rfc2307bis) are mutually exclusive.

One could define a custom object class for group entries which have both
attributes set to serve Posix clients which use one or the other schema.

objectclass ( <my.oid>
  NAME 'myGroup'
  DESC 'Posix group for mixed group schema RFC 2307 and RFC 2307bis'
  SUP ( groupOfMembers $ posixGroup ) )

One has to be careful to maintain both attributes consistently though.

With OpenLDAP changing the structural object class of existing entries is
possible via LDAP with the relax rules control sent along with the modify request.

Ciao, Michael.

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