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Re: mdb - no space left?

Frank Swasey wrote:
> I'm experimenting with mdb to replace hdb on my test/development set of 
> servers.  I've built 2.4.32 and the server is running RHEL 6.3.  This 
> morning, I got a confusing error.
> Attempting to perform a deletion of a member from a groupOfNames, the 
> following was recorded in syslog:
>   mdb_id2entry_put: mdb_put failed: No space left on device(28) 
> "cn=GroupNameNotImportant,ou=groups,dc=uvm,dc=edu"
> and ldapmodify returned:
> modifying entry "cn=GroupNameNotImportant,ou=Groups,dc=uvm,dc=edu"
> ldap_modify: Other (e.g., implementation specific) error (80)
>          additional info: entry update failed
> However, free shows memory left, df shows filesystem space left (in 
> fact, it is only 22% used) and data.mdb is
> -rw------- 1 ldap ldap 1547292672 Sep  8 06:22 data.mdb
> while the maxsize parameter is set to:
> maxsize         85899345920
> So, I am confused about which device mdb is telling me is out of space.
> What have I missed?
There are only two places in libmdb that return ENOSPC. Both of them imply
that there's a bug in the library. It would be helpful to run under a debugger
with breakpoints set on both locations, to see which has occurred.

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