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Re: Execute a Filter and get the boolean status true/false

Puneet Khunteta wrote:
> Basically i need the count how many SearchResultEntry responses you get from
> ldap_search_s().

You won't get the count without retrieving the results.

> "true/false for the particular filter" means following :
> 1.) If execute a filter , respond with >0 entry ---> true
> 2.) If execute a filter , respond with = 0 entry --> false.
> Note : i have nothing to do with the attributes for the corresponding entries
> return for the search. So i am looking for a optimized way here which just let
> me know if any entry is available or not for particular filter.

This is something different:
Simply set sizelimit=1 when using ldap_search_ext_s() and return true if one
result was received.

Ciao, Michael.

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