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Re: representing file pathnames

Chuck Lever wrote:
> On Aug 9, 2012, at 1:40 PM, Michael Ströder wrote:
>> Chuck Lever wrote:
>>> It's been suggested that we use a file URL to represent export pathnames.
>>> A file URL is expressed in US-ASCII with escaping, 
>>> [..]
>>> Can we represent the full range of the UTF-8 code set with a US-ASCII file
>>> URL?
>> Yes, of course just like HTTP URLs can contain non-ASCII chars in an
>> URL-quoted form. You first encode to UTF-8 and then URL-quote. Decoding means
>> URL-unquote and the decode UTF-8 to Unicode char entities.
>>> We could also use an NFS URL, which would allow us to express the server
>>> hostname, a port number, and the pathname in a single string.  But both the
>>> hostname and pathname are enocded in US-ASCII, not UTF-8, and the NFS URL
>>> format employs a fixed pathname separator character.
>> That's what I would prefer. Think of file browsers which can open the NFS
>> mount point just by clicking on it. Same encoding steps as with file URLs.
> One final question about this.
> NFS fs_locations data can contain, as the file server's hostname: an i18n DNS label, an IPv4 presentation address, or an IPv6 presentation address.  Any of these can be specified with or without a port number.
> The problem lies with IPv6 presentation addresses with a port specified.  For a URL the form is generally:
>   "nfs://" presentation-address ":" port "/" pathname
> But as we all know, IPv6 addresses have a variable number of colons in them.
> For NFS administrative interfaces, we generally just escape an IPv6 presentation address by surrounding it with square brackets.  Then it's easy to recognize and pick off the ":port".
> What is the appropriate URL syntax for specifying an IPv6 presentation address with a port?

Come on, Chuck. Do your own homework. RFC2732, from 1999. There's nothing
OpenLDAP- or even LDAP-specific about that question.

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