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Re: Query regarding the Database files..

aryan rawat wrote:
> Hi All,
> In slapd.conf  have these indexes

> /*index   objectClass     eq*/
> /*index msisdn eq*/
> /*index entryCSN,entryUUID  eq*/

> When I run the same slapd.conf under MDB I can see 2 files

>  /**//*data.mdb and lock.mdb*/

> When I run the same slapd.conf under BDB (HDB) I can see  files on which the
> index is created
> /*entryCSN.bdb     id2entry.bdb     objectClass.bdb  dn2id.bdb       
> entryUUID.bdb    msisdn.bdb alock*/
> So does this means MDB does not do indexing if I am not wrong??
> Please clarify the doubt??

No. back-mdb does indexing, the same as back-bdb/hdb. But all of back-mdb's
Index databases are stored in the single data.mdb file.

If you build the mdb_stat program in the libmdb source (it is not built by
default) you can use it to examine the individual MDB databases. E.g.:

mdb_stat /var/lib/ldap/mdb-db objectClass

(Assuming the data is stored in /var/lib/ldap/mdb-db)
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