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RE: LDAP authentication using Radius

On Wed, 15 Aug 2012, JET JETASIK wrote:

Still got any luck yet.
Nothing hit my radius server when doing simple auth to openldap.
Any clue on how to check this.

Here is my /etc/radius.conf
auth secret

There aren't that many moving parts...

* Maybe try explicitly configuring timeout and numtries (fields 4 and 5) ... my radius.conf has them, the man page implies defaults but who knows.

* Quick check might be to do a truss/strace/etc. on the open() family to see if anything .*radius.* is being read, perhaps not in the path you were expecting. (You should see this once per bind.)

* Turn up slapd debugging, make sure you're getting to the bind in the first place in terms of ACLs, etc.

* Attach a debugger, break on chk_radius. It's not that complex a function...