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Re: new versions

I am not a openldap developer but i am a lazy FL / oss developer. So i
think your question is general. There are so many project that don't
change the basic function but are releasing new version. Why ? Well, a
possibility is introducing a new build sistem, changing the library
api for a better factoring, fixing some bug and , why not, better
integration, portability issue . And sometime new feature, dropping
past mistake in a incompatible way and so on.  for me this is a
sufficient reason for doing release.

But it just my not so naive i think opinion .

Best regards and sorry for the top posting.

2012/8/5, Friedrich Locke <friedrich.locke@gmail.com>:
> Hi folks,
> i have noticed openldap keeps releasing new versions from time to
> time. I have not noticed changes in protocol specification. So why
> does openldap release new versions ? Isn't it mature enough yet ? I am
> asking cause i am used to djb tools like qmail and djbdns and they
> don't change since a long time ago.
> Please, don't get me wrong. I am no saying one approach is better than
> another, i am just curious about openldap.
> Thanks.

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