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Re: new versions

On Aug 05, 2012, at 08.07, Friedrich Locke wrote:

> Hi folks,
> i have noticed openldap keeps releasing new versions from time to
> time. I have not noticed changes in protocol specification. So why
> does openldap release new versions ? Isn't it mature enough yet ? I am
> asking cause i am used to djb tools like qmail and djbdns and they
> don't change since a long time ago.
> Please, don't get me wrong. I am no saying one approach is better than
> another, i am just curious about openldap.

um - most software projects release new versions from time to time.  i'm not sure what consistency in protocol specifications or "maturity" would have to do with it [e.g. that's unrelated], and the last thing i'd do is use software like qmail or djbdns as the reference for this notion.

for a more specific answer to your question, read the changelogs that ship with each release, and you can find out why new releases occur.

using software that is not under reasonably active development is, generally speaking, more likely to be detrimental than beneficial.  there are always corner cases and exceptions, as with all things, but absence of releases because the author[s] believes the software is "perfect" is not one of them.