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Re: slapo-chain + TLS = help


Because you're using chain type referrals you need to "trust" the certificate from the ldap server you are "referring" to on the LDAP clients issuing queries.

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On 16.07.2012 00:25, Warren Howard wrote:

I'm not able to get slapo-chain + TLS to work. Slapo-chain without TLS works, syncrepl + TLS works, the ldapclients with TLS works, just slapo-chain + TLS does not work.

"man slapo-chain" contains no information about the tls options for slapo-chain, but with I enable "chain-tls start" (as described in the OpenLDAP Admin Guide) I get the error : TLS negotiation failure.

What TLS options for slapo-chain are available for me to configure to get this working?

Note : I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 with slapd 2.4.28 provided by the distribution.