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Re: Increase size of id2entry.bdb in DB_CONFIG ?

--On Wednesday, July 04, 2012 9:28 AM +0200 Frank Bonnet <f.bonnet@esiee.fr> wrote:


My slapd server suddenly refuse to generate an LDIF file
though th slapcat command.

It is asking to increase the size of the id2entry.bdb database.

I restart slapd and it works fine again but I would like
to know what happened.

Is there any configurable parameter that I would be
able to write down into DB_CONFIG file to increase
the size of this database ? I haven't found any precise
documentation about this when googling about this.

It is unfortunate you didn't supply the actual error you encountered, because what you've written makes no sense. BDB does not ask you to increase the size of BDB files, it does that itself automatically. The only thing you generally configure is the size of the database *cache* for BDB, but that doesn't limit the total size of the DB. The only thing that does that is actual available disk space.



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