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Re: Sun(oracle) directory server to openldap

Clément OUDOT wrote:

2012/6/20 Stanislas LEVEAU <stanislas.leveau@ac-caen.fr


    I wonder if someone has already migrated from a Sun DSEE to openldap
    and establishment of a replication from SUN DSEE to openldap.


we have done a lot of migration ot this kind. We published some documentation
about it:

You have to study the data, the schema, the plugins...

As said by Ludovic, you will not be able to use the built-in synchronization
mechanism, but you can use LSC project to synchronize some data.

Pretty sure that LSC would be the easiest route at the moment. There are stubs in the syncrepl consumer code for replicating from a SunDS style retro changelog, but that code was left incomplete due to lack of demand/interest. As I recall, it could only operate in polling mode (i.e. refreshOnly) but it's been a while since I looked at that aspect.

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