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Re: Syncrepl replication does not work always

On 7/6/2012 6:08 ÎÎ, Efstathios Xagoraris wrote:

I have a working OpenLDAP setup ( 2.3.43 - Centos 5.8 RPM ) with a
Master LDAP and consumers worldwide across datacenters. I also monitor
if directories from Consumers are in Sync with the master. Consumers
sometimes fail to communicate with master ldap and replicate.

Can't tell you about the specific issue, but, as has been discussed numerous times in this list, you should upgrade to 2.4.31 for correct syncrepl operation.

For CentOS (which we also use) I would propose you try using Symas Silver (excluding syncrepl providers - if you cannot afford paid support - otherwise check gold), or full-featured LTB project's RPMs (free, with on-line issue system). We use the latter (see here (for LTB): http://ltb-project.org/wiki/download#openldap).