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there is no schema by the directory


I have installed openldap in Fedora. First I deleted the openldap installation. (var/lib/ldap   and   etc/openldap)

Then I wrote: 

yum reinstall openldap-client openldap-server openldap

I configured slapd.conf with my domain, the root password with slappasswd, ldap.conf with my BASE and HOST.
I copied the DB_CONFIG.example to /var/lib/ldap.
I did my base.ldif of the structure of my LDAP and "ldapadd" everything succesfully.
I use jXplore and Apache Directory Studio to manage my LDAP from Windows, because it´s installed in one server.
The problem is that when I try to add users it says I have no schema. 
Apache Directory Studio creates its own schema, and I can add data. But after that schema disapears and I can't work with jXplorer.

Thank you very much

Daniel Peinado López


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