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Re: syncrepl for cn=config, changes fail with "tag=103 err=53 text=shadow context; no update referral"

On Sunday 27 May 2012 23:47:13 harry.jede wrote:
> > Thanks a lot. This made it finally work.
> Do you believe this or have you verified?
I do not only believe it. I have it verified and it is working great so far, 
replicating config changes in cn=config in both directions.

> > syncrepl        rid=001
> >                 filter="(!(olcDatabase={0}config))"
> >
> > syncrepl        rid=002
> >                 filter="(!(olcDatabase={0}config))"
> According rfc4515 you are NOT replicating "(olcDatabase={0}config)"

Well, I was wondering about this statement, too. It was recommended by the 
OpenLDAP book which I read.
I didn't understand why this should be needed in a master/master setup and I 
assume this must have slipped through when the book authors copy'n'pasted a 
configuration example.

This filter actually prevented cn=config,{0}config from bein properly 

I didn't notice this before as I only did modifications to cn=config so far 
and added cn=config{1}bdb.

Thanks for pointing this out - probably saved me a lot of trouble :)

- Elias

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