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Re: Lock table is out of available locks


Quanah Gibson-Mount schrieb (08.05.2012 17:12 Uhr):
--On Tuesday, May 08, 2012 3:41 PM +0200 Marc Patermann <hans.moser@ofd-z.niedersachsen.de> wrote:

while extending an object by adding a lot of maildrop values, slapd
refused to MOD with err 80:

Can anyone tell me what happens here and what to do about it?

You ran out of locks.  Increase them in your DB_CONFIG file.

1000    Maximum number of locks possible
1000    Maximum number of locks at any one time
Does this say the maximum values were actually reached at one time?

Where the other values say that they were not even close the the maximum?

7       Number of current locks
131     Number of current lockers
196     Maximum number of lockers at any one time
8       Number of current lock objects
611     Maximum number of lock objects at any one time

So I have to set like
dbconfig set_lk_max_objects 2000
dbconfig set_lk_max_lockers 2000
dbconfig set_lk_max_locks 2000
in slapd.conf, right?

Do I have to rebuild the database by slapcat/rm/slapadd or can these changes be done by one of the db_* tools?
(While simply restarting slapd does not activate them.)