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RE: How to query ldap root DNs ?

Thanks Michael.

Following command line query gives me all the DNs from the files and I am able to parse them and use it as needed.

ldapsearch -x -b "cn=config" -H ldap://myserver-1:389 -D "cn=config" -w 'secret' -s 'sub' RootDSE


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Bhargav Mistry wrote:
> I need to query the root DNs for config and bdb databases so that I can use it
> in the tool but I am not sure how to query it ?

With OpenLDAP I'd look at the following attributes in the rootDSE and sort out
things that way:

configContext: cn=config
monitorContext: cn=Monitor
namingContexts: cn=accesslog
namingContexts: dc=stroeder,dc=de

Another option is to search under cn=Databases,cn=Monitor with filter
(monitoredInfo=bdb) reading attribute 'namingContexts' provided back-monitor
is configured.

Your mileage may vary...

Ciao, Michael.

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