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How to query ldap root DNs ?



I have written a java tool which configures ldap servers for master master replication and proxy push.


I need to query the root DNs for config and bdb databases so that I can use it in the tool but I am not sure how to query it ?


I want to query the dn from the file olcDatabase={2}bdb.ldif but I don’t know how?




dn: olcDatabase={2}bdb

objectClass: olcDatabaseConfig

objectClass: olcBdbConfig

olcDatabase: {2}bdb

olcSuffix: dc=my-domain,dc=com

olcAddContentAcl: FALSE

olcLastMod: TRUE

olcMaxDerefDepth: 15

olcReadOnly: FALSE

olcRootDN: cn=Manager,dc=my-domain,dc=com

olcSyncUseSubentry: FALSE


I tried using the following command line search query but it doesn’t return any results:


ldapsearch -x -b "" -s base "objectClass=olcBdbConfig" -H ldap://myserver-1:389 -D "cn=config" -w 'secret'


any help is highly appreciated.



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