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RE: ldapd vs. slapd

So I've followed the suggestion to have only the objectClass inetOrgPerson.
Now I'm told that there's no such object. My LDIF file:

dn: uid=trichards,dc=toby,dc=org,dc=org
cn: Toby Richards
givenName: Toby
sn: Richards
uid: trichards
mail: trichards@toby.org.org
objectClass: inetOrgPerson
password: {CRYPT}*

Result: ldap_add: No such object (32)


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  On 04/17/12 12:47 PM, Richards, Toby wrote:
> The above doesn't work. It says that top/account isn't a valid chain.

What happens if you leave out "account"?  It's a structural objectclass and
is likely conflicting with inetOrgPerson.

If you check cosine.schema, you'll see the objectclass "account" as being
meant for a computer account.  You're essentially adding an entry that says
it's for a person *and* a computer.  (A cyborg, maybe?)  LDAP wants clear
lines of inheritance.

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