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RE: ldapd vs. slapd

OK got it. I realized that ldapd is a different product after some more
research this morning. I've got slapd running & responding; however:

1. I cannot figure out the correct order of objectClass statements to reach
inetOrgPerson. I do have the core, cosine, nis, and inetorgperson schemas
included in slapd.conf.

2. slapd won't run on port 636 even though I put "TLS_CACERT
/path/to/cert.crt" and "URI ldaps://toby.org.org" into ldap.conf


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  On 04/16/12 11:02 PM, Richards, Toby wrote:
> For those of you wondering, I'm running OpenBSD 5.0.
openldap-server-2.4.25p0.tgz (depends on: openldap-client-2.4.25.tgz
(depends on cyrus-sasl-2.1.23p7-ldap.tgz)). Typing "ldapd" gets the
appropriate tcp/ip ports responding. Typing "/etc/rc.d/slapd start" does
something, but doesn't give me responses on 349 or 636.

"ldapd" is a service that comes with OpenBSD, and it definitely is not
OpenLDAP.  It will start and sit on the same ports, however, making it
impossible for you to start slapd.

So don't start ldapd.  Kill it if it's already running, then you might be
able to start OpenLDAP.

Also, this might have been a typo, but the non-SSL port for LDAP is 389/tcp,
not 349.

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