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openldap proxy to AD

Hi all,
I'm building an openldap proxy to an AD server and adding a little of
"intelligence" based on the client request.

Unfortunately the client/program asking information about an account,
need to be setup with user and password.
There is a way to let the proxy "ignore" this user and password and
instead just use the ones specified on the slapd.conf file ?
Or setup fake credential somewhere ?

In detail, query are something like:
ldapsearch -x -h openldap-proxy -w "secret" -D
"CN=MGRADREAD05,CN=MGR,DC=example,DC=com" -b "dc=pmm,dc=int"

but I need that the proxy exclude the "-w "secret" -D
"CN=MGRADREAD05,CN=MGR,DC=example,DC=com" part, and use the one on the
conf file.
In fact if I do a query like:

ldapsearch -x -h openldap-proxy -w "secret" -D
"CN=MGRADREAD05,CN=MGR,DC=example,DC=com" -b "dc=pmm,dc=int"
it works.

Here the slapd.conf

database        meta
suffix          "dc=pmm,dc=int"

uri             "ldap://,dc=int";
suffixmassage   "dc=pmm,dc=int" "dc=media,dc=int"

rewriteContext  searchFilter
rewriteRule "userPrincipalName=(.*)@rtsi.ch"
"userPrincipalName=%1@rsi.ch"  ":"
rewriteRule "sAMAccountName=([:alnum:])" "userPrincipalName=%1@rtr.ch"

idassert-authzFrom "dn.regex:.*"

Any idea ?

Many thank's and best regards.



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