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Re: Convert *.schema to *.ldif

On 4/3/12 9:48 AM, Mauricio Tavares wrote:
As the person who is responsible for a *.schema file and develops it not on a machine that has
> the openldap server software installed, that process is not anything I'm interested in.  Looks
> like it should be a fairly simple set of transformations.  Looking at the *.schema and *.ldif
> that are provided with the openldap source - I am left wondering how they were created, since
> they have comments, they were obviously not created via the slaptest -F <x> -f <y> method.
> I would like to programatically do this -- my ability to vi two files and make identical
> changes has been known to be fallable!

      I *believe* the reason you create the .conf file with all the
schemas yours depend on is because it somehow needs to know its
dependencies to continue.

Yes, if I'm going to use slaptest to generate an LDIF file that doesn't have any comments, I will need to build a .conf file that includes all the schemas that mine depends on.  I don't want to use slaptest because I want comments in my LDIF file.  I don't see any argument for slaptest that would maintain the comments in the generated LDIF schema file(s).

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