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Re: REL_ENG versions produce different libraries?

On 30/03/2012 15:27, Howard Chu wrote:
Nick Milas wrote:
On 30/3/2012 3:04 ÎÎ, Nick Milas wrote:

I would expect some "test" parameter in build/version.var, but I
didn't see any.

Hmm, I guess I could simply change (in build/version.var):


from X to e.g. 29a or to 29.1 ?

Would one of these (which?) or other similar solution (which?), work OK
to create a normal package (using a src.rpm) which the system will
understand as a  pre-30 version (so it can now be used to upgrade (using
rpm) e.g. current v2.4.29 and a (or 2.4.29b) or 2.4.30 rpm
package can also be used to upgrade later?

Test builds are not meant to be packaged.

While this is true, and such packages should not be distributed, it can be useful to package test versions to help test them against real world applications, before the test version is released, thus potentially helping to find bugs.

The versioning system of RPM is rather off-topic here, but AFAIK (and I've spent some time searching) there is no mecanism in RPM to say "this is a development build, the version number is < 2.4.30", except to use a "Epoch: " field in the spec file. As you're using LTB packages, I suggest moving this part of the discussion to the ltb-dev mailing list.