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Re: Can dynlist query from database hdb access entries in a database ldap on the same slapd?

> openldap 2.3 latest
> the dynlist feature works when I change the database backend from ldap
> to a bdb backend replica of the master.  That's unfortunate, I'd like
> to not have to replicate the data to my local ldap box.

slapo-dynlist(5) works as expected (in 2.4) with slapd-ldap(5) as the
backend serving the "DN" portion of the "memberURL".  I suspect in your
case the issue is related to issues like ACL, identity and similar things.
 You should check whether the remote server is actually contacted and how
the operation is served in general.  Looking at the logs (on both servers)
with increasing level of verbosity, from "stats" to "stats,trace,args"
would help.