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Re: Scaling LDAP

Gaurav Gugnani wrote:
Actually, i want to know - how to "scale out" once you reach the
limits to run openLdap in one single box?

You said "some million of records".  That's nowhere near OpenLDAP's
limits, nor near the multi-terabyte databases you mention, unless your
LDAP entries are quite large - e.g. lots of JPEG photos and the like.

Your scenario just sounds like a database which does not all fit in
RAM.  The Tuning section of the Admin Guide describes which parameters
to give priority in that case.  But as Howard mentions, that'll become
unnecessary.  The MDB backend will leave that to the OS.

Anyway, if you do reach those limits, I guess you must currently split
up your LDAP directory.  Put different subtrees in different servers.
Then set up referrals between them.  Tie them together with the chain
overlay or ldap backend if you don't want the clients to have to deal
with referrals, though that increases the server load.