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Re: Is this a sensible architecture?


Kevan Carstensen schrieb (14.03.2012 17:21 Uhr):
Excerpts from Brett Watson's message of 2012-03-13 23:31:10 -0700:

There will be other "slave" servers which replicate the master (to distribute
read-only load), and the plan is for them to syncrepl from the master virtual
IP. I gather that a possible alternative to this arrangement is to have the
"slave" servers act as syncrepl consumers to *both* masters simultaneously, via
their real IP addresses. If this is indeed a valid configuration, does it
convey any advantages? The single "virtual master" approach seems
architecturally simpler, but is it considered robust by those in the know?

At my site, the replicas are configured to consume updates directly from
both masters simultaneously,
How do you achieve this? With two syncrepl statements in one database, are there any downsides, like doing all replication (checks) twice?