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slow or inconsistent syncrepl

I have a following openldap setup with syncrepl :
- openldap version 2.4.23 
- 1 provider and about 10 consumers in lan and 50 consumers on wan
- The replication type is push - refreshAndPersist.
- There are about 0.5 million nodes
- The physical size of ldap folder is about 5gb.
- All the lan servers have identical hardware configuration.

I have following problems/questions.

1. We observe that LDAP replication works better on one server as opposed to another in same LAN and having the same configuration ? Is ldap replication affected by the ldap read operations on the consumers? So if 2 consumers are getting different amount of ldap reads, will replication speed be different?

2. On a really busy ldap server, can replication slow down drastically?

3. We find that even though the contextcsn of provider & consumer is same - actually there are nodes which are different and there are nodes which are not added or deleted. So we have created a custom script which compares entrycsn's of each and every node. Is this ok ?

4. We are currently having about 60 consumers - is this too much ? What can be the max numbers of consumers ?

5. Sometimes we urgently need some particular node to be present on the consumer - for which we cannot wait - in that case we get ldif of that node from provider and do ldapadd on the consumer ( mirrormode is ON on the consumers ). Is this safe and correct or could it cause some side effects ?

Kindly help me in troubleshooting these issues.

Right now I cant think of what server configuration I could provide so I dint give it in this mail so pls tell me if anyone needs some particular configuration.

Thanks and Regards,
Amol Kulkarni.