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Re: Connection timeouts

2012/3/5 Michael Ströder <michael@stroeder.com>:
> Marcin S wrote:
>> I have a question, lets say i have web application with ldap
>> authentication. User that log in to page opens new LDAP connection,
>> our LDAP also holds some security attributes per application and they
>> are verified for certain app operations, so connections remains open
>> for a whole time.
>> Question is when user close web browser or suddenly disconnects, will
>> this connection be timed out and closed by server?
> Anyway you're web application has to handle the case that users just close
> the browser but not the session since there are probably more resources
> bound by the web session.

Yes, but sometimes it can't be done, like user disconnected, client
computer hangs etc..

> Purely for the LDAP server part you probably want to set idletimeout.
> From slapd.conf(5):
>       idletimeout <integer>
>              Specify the number of seconds to wait before forcibly closing
>              an idle client connection.  A idletimeout of 0  disables  this
>              feature.   The default is 0. You may also want to set the
>              writetimeout option.

Thanks for pointing this :)

>A web app is a single client to ldap server, no matter how many http clients there are to the web app.

Hmm, i dont think that's true im my case. I'm using ruby gem for LDAP
handling and if user logins new connection object instance is created
with his credentials.