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Private OID range(s) ?


I was wondering whether there exists - officially or unofficially - a range of private OIDs which can be used internally (privately) in an organization, and is not allowed for schema distribution; something like private network IP address ranges (, etc.)

The existence of such private OIDs would allow organizations to avoid registering their own OID branch, since the "private" OID range would guarrantee that these OIDs can be used internally by the organization safely and would not be included in a new schema distribution; thus, conflicts can be excluded. Any organization which would be using such a "private OID range", should not be allowed to make the associated LDAP attributes publicly available (not even searchable) in its Directory interations.

Secondarily, the above would also serve as an "example" range of OIDs which could be used for communication of schema drafts.

I haven't come across something like this until now.