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Re: Resync DEL


Aaron Richton schrieb (23.02.2012 15:10 Uhr):
On Thu, 23 Feb 2012, Marc Patermann wrote:

The data set differs in a few entries which DEL were not replicated.

I tried (with various combinations of 2.4.26, 2.4.28 and current pre 2.4.30) to start the consumer with "-c rid=xxx,csn=" which starts a full sync, but the (on the master not existing) objects don't get deleted (on the slave).

Yeah, it's an impossible condition so it's not handled the best...
There is - however - a state where the consumer checks every entry for existence:

"slapd[23595]: nonpresent_callback: rid=402 present UUID
a79a831e-f18b-1030-9aca-21c3336314b4, dn ..."

After this the consumer is exactly like the provider and all previous changes and DEL and synced.

But I'm not sure to always ensure how to achieve this state.

I deleted the database and put current master data in the provider and two day old slave data in the consumer. I started the provider and the consumer. This worked two times today, but later I was not able to reproduce it in all cases. This is a bit frustrating. :(

Is there any rock solid practice to get the consumer in the "check present" state?