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Re: Resync DEL

On Thu, 23 Feb 2012, Marc Patermann wrote:

The data set differs in a few entries which DEL were not replicated.

I tried (with various combinations of 2.4.26, 2.4.28 and current pre 2.4.30) to start the consumer with "-c rid=xxx,csn=" which starts a full sync, but the (on the master not existing) objects don't get deleted (on the slave).

Yeah, it's an impossible condition so it's not handled the best...

I'm sure that the most correct answer would be to slapcat the master and slapadd -q the replica. Since you should have multiple replicas, this shouldn't be all that high-impact.

With that said, the Net::LDAP CPAN module comes with some interesting contrib scripts such as "ldifdiff"; I'll confess to using that once or twice in similar situations (take a master and a replica slapcat). This won't be practical if you have high data churn, but many LDAP installations are read-mostly, so...