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Re: Ldap users "not seen" by application

On 02/20/12 15:49 +0100, teoman.onay@degroof.be wrote:

I hope i'm in the right place to ask my question... I use openldap for
user authentication on linux servers. Everything seems ok except for
scheduled jobs. We use a software to launch processes based on event or
schedule. An agent is installed on every servers. Unfortunately it doesn't
"see" the users from the ldap. When it tries to launch the process it
fails with an error like the user doesn't exists. The workaround is to
create a local user but i'd prefer to use an ldap one. Do you know how i
could solve that ?

Topics to read up on would include PAM, Name Service Switch (NSS), and
the getent(1) manpage (getent passwd <user>).

It sounds like you have an ldap PAM module configured, but no ldap NSS
module, of which you have several options. OpenLDAP maintains one such
piece of software called nssov, which is located in the
contrib/slapd-modules/ directory within the source.

Dan White