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Re: ldapmodify is crashing the slapd process

Peter Marschall wrote:

On Wednesday, 8. February 2012, Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:
I would also generally
advise using something more secure than GnuTLS, such as OpenSSL, to link
OpenLDAP to.

Quanah, as you refer to GnuTLS being buggy, can you give a reference?

This is the most recent example I can recall, there are plenty of others.


Stuff like this has bearing on the other recent email thread here


That bug has over 200 comments on it; this one is directly relevant to our topic:


We hit that here


and also ITS#5992

GnuTLS is not simply *buggy* - it is poorly designed, and the design choices they've made continue to (and will continue to) cause usability issues indefinitely.

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