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openldap 2.4.28 and "allow bind_v2"

I have built and upgraded one of my openldap servers from 2.4.26 to 2.4.28  (on RHEL release
5.7 x86_64) and with the identical configuration to my other servers, I am seeing the following
messages in the slapd.log file:

slapd[4434]: conn=115331 fd=263 ACCEPT from IP=X.X.X.X:51856 (IP=
slapd[4434]: conn=115331 op=0 do_extended: protocol version (2) too low
slapd[4434]: conn=115331 op=0 DISCONNECT tag=120 err=2 text=requires LDAPv3
slapd[4434]: conn=115331 fd=263 closed (operations error)

I'm not seeing anything leaping out at me from the change log for 2.4.27/2.4.28 that indicates
what I have gotten wrong that worked until now.

As I said, I am running the same slapd.conf file on my 2.4.26 installations and not seeing
these failures there at all (and since I use an F5 load balancer, these connections are sprayed
all across my pool of servers).

Where should I start looking?


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