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Re: ACL question - minimum rights for Apache HTTP Server Bind User

Hi Dieter,

Am 15.12.2011 08:29, schrieb Dieter KlÃnter:
Now my question:
>  which minimum acl rights are needed for the Bind User:
>  "cn=bind,ou=technical,ou=user,dc=2axels-company,dc=de"
>  to connect to the ldap server and check the group from the user who
>  try to login.
>  I hope my description is understandable...


Thanks for your answer, which is really very helpful.

In the moment, i have a problem to understand, which actions the binduser has to do, to mediate the Loginuser to the ldapserver.

In my opinion, i should be able to create the acl entry, by myself... but before this, i have to verify what steps the binduser is doing during the login.

PS: In the moment the login through the apache ldap module is working fine, but i would like to limit the rights from this user to the needed minimum.


Gruà Axel