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Re: Need help with failing test

Hello Michael,
I sort of suspected something like that was happening. I had installed
openldap via
Yast before, but thought best to do my own to make sure all the options
are needed were there. I removed the installation something might just
have well been left behind.
Also I am using the system installed sasl libraries, that could very well
be the problem. I tried to install the libraries separately, but run into
a problem there, I think the BDB version I am using is too new. Argh.

On 10/11/11 2:54 AM, "Michael Ströder" <michael@stroeder.com> wrote:

>Gabriella Turek wrote:
>> Hello, I have built openldap 2.4.23 (with Berkeley DB 5.2.36) on a Suse
>> SLES11 64bit machine and I am trying to verify the install by running
>> tests. 
>Without going into details there are some things you have to take care of
>compiling yourself with own BDB build:
>1. The SASL libs are also compiled against BDB. So if you want to compile
>OpenLDAP with SASL support you should also compile the SASL libs.
>2. If you already installed OpenLDAP before you might run into a library
>when running make test possibly also leading to seg faults. To avoid this
>install OpenLDAP in a separate prefix and build for a separate test prefix
>when running make test.
>Ciao, Michael.