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Re: Need help with failing test

Gabriella Turek wrote:
> Hello, I have built openldap 2.4.23 (with Berkeley DB 5.2.36) on a Suse
> SLES11 64bit machine and I am trying to verify the install by running the
> tests. 

Without going into details there are some things you have to take care of when
compiling yourself with own BDB build:

1. The SASL libs are also compiled against BDB. So if you want to compile
OpenLDAP with SASL support you should also compile the SASL libs.

2. If you already installed OpenLDAP before you might run into a library mix
when running make test possibly also leading to seg faults. To avoid this I
install OpenLDAP in a separate prefix and build for a separate test prefix
when running make test.

Ciao, Michael.