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Re: [Autofs for Linux and OSX] back-relay ? aliases ?

After modifying a configuration file on Linux CentOS, the rpm updater doesn't replace it anymore. It is good, and bad ! because most of these worksations will be running almost 5 years without reinstallation.

Isn't it worth using some sort of back-relay+slapo-rwm ?


2011/10/28 James Dingwall <james.dingwall@amdocs.com>

OS X needs to have an "automountMapName=auto_master" and "automountMapName=auto_home" located in "cn=automountMap,dc=subnet,dc=example,dc=com"
Linux needs to have an "automountMapName=auto.master" and "automountMapName=auto.home" located wherever I want in "dc=subnet,dc=example,dc=com"

The entries contained in "automountMapName=auto_home" and "automountMapName=auto.home" will be exactly the same ones; SO
what is the best way to implement it without duplicate them ? Using aliases or rwm+relay ?

I don’t believe that the Linux map names are hardcoded.  On my system automount is started with the master map name in the arguments


/usr/sbin/automount ldap:auto.master


and the ldap entry for auto.home is arbitrarily named in

# /home, auto.master, automount, example.com

dn: cn=/home,ou=auto.master,ou=automount,dc=example,dc=com

objectClass: automount

cn: /home

automountInformation: ldap:ldap.example.com:ou=auto.home,ou=automount,dc=example,dc=com --timeout 300


I’m sure these could be all changed to match the OS X conventions without impacting functionality on Linux.

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