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[Autofs for Linux and OSX] back-relay ? aliases ?


I'm configuring Autofs maps via OpenLDAP for some OS X (10.5/6/7) and Linux CentOS (5/6) boxes, and I'm running into a little problem.

OS X needs to have an "automountMapName=auto_master" and "automountMapName=auto_home" located in "cn=automountMap,dc=subnet,dc=example,dc=com"
Linux needs to have an "automountMapName=auto.master" and "automountMapName=auto.home" located wherever I want in "dc=subnet,dc=example,dc=com"

The entries contained in "automountMapName=auto_home" and "automountMapName=auto.home" will be exactly the same ones; SO
what is the best way to implement it without duplicate them ? Using aliases or rwm+relay ?