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Re: back-config and Post Read Control?

Howard Chu wrote:
> masarati@aero.polimi.it wrote:
>>> Michael Ströder wrote:
>>>> Does back-config support the Post Read Control? That would be handy for
>>>> retrieving the renumbered DN after an Add or Modify request.
>>> Hmm, experiments shows that this does work. Server returns:
>>> "Critical extension is unavailable: critical control unavailable in
>>> context"
>> As far as I remember, back-ldif is relatively poor in terms of non-core
>> functionalities it supports, as it has never been intended for actual
>> stuff storage with the only notable exception of back-config.
> I think, due to the extra processing back-config does on top, it wouldn't
> matter if back-ldif supported it or not, it would still need to be explicitly
> added to back-config.

Background: As you might guessed I'm again experimenting to ease writing to
back-config with web2ldap (with updated LDIF and HTML templates). After
successfully adding an entry a link is shown by web2ldap to the new entry
which obviously contains the DN. But due to the X-ORDERED stuff usability is
bad since the DN is wrong in most cases. I've already added support for the
post read control to web2ldap...

Ciao, Michael.