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Re: back-config and Post Read Control?

masarati@aero.polimi.it wrote:
Michael Ströder wrote:
Does back-config support the Post Read Control? That would be handy for
retrieving the renumbered DN after an Add or Modify request.

Hmm, experiments shows that this does work. Server returns:

"Critical extension is unavailable: critical control unavailable in

As far as I remember, back-ldif is relatively poor in terms of non-core
functionalities it supports, as it has never been intended for actual
stuff storage with the only notable exception of back-config.

I think, due to the extra processing back-config does on top, it wouldn't matter if back-ldif supported it or not, it would still need to be explicitly added to back-config.

It would be interesting to see back-config based on top of something else
(e.g. back-hdb or even back-mbd).

back-mdb would be pretty interesting, definitely. It would be possible (in the future) to reference settings directly from an MDB entry record, instead of copying back and forth between slapd global variables and Entry structures.

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