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Re: Google hits for OpenLDAP

Le 21/10/2011 01:55, Brett @Google a écrit :
I was talking about the NEED for such a document, not talking about who authored / would author it.

My point (perhaps unclear) was that openldap should have such a document, or at least not 'dis those who try..
Maybe, the quick-start guide could be expanded with different sessions.

There's another good source of documentation in the tests/script with all the major features being setup in tests repository.


The Zytrax guys are clearly just out to make a buck, lifting the OpenLDAP Admin Guide content and putting a thin layer of "personal experience" around it. They're not contributing back to the OpenLDAP community; they're not participating in the community at all, and the info they're distributing is (as noted) already outdated.

Such a openldap guide might least serve a purpose, more for newbies as
supposed to the old salts, in that it could reduce chatter regards to getting
a server compiled/running/loaded etc., in the first place, but call me an

If you really believe that helping a 3rd party keep their obsolete plagiarism of the OpenLDAP Project's work up to date is a good idea, "optimist" is not the word I'd use for you.

My reference to being an optimist was thinking that the openldap project might by itself create such a guide. Being an open source project i'm sure there is plenty of other work needing to be done, besides creating such a guide.
Don't minimize doc. Easy docs means more successful setup, more visibility, more persons involved and more developers.

I am happy enough to have a go at such a guide, but a poet i am not. What is the preferred document format ?
Admin guide is using sdf at this time. All documents are included in the source tarball. Have a look.