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Re: Google hits for OpenLDAP (was: Securing cn=config and allowing micro-engineering)

On Thu, October 20, 2011 16:20, Brett @Google wrote:
> I think the popularity of Zytrax guide on google indicates that there is a
> need for some simple guide or howto of how to get some sort of trivial
> ldap
> server running, in the first instance.
> Zytrax might fail with regard to accuracy in specific details as it seems
> to
> be infrequently updated (last August 2010, before that July 2009), but
> taken
> asis it gets people going such that they can at least get a server
> running,
> then they can then start to learn by actively using openldap. The zytrax
> guide itself is open source, so the other alternative is to help improve
> it's accuracy ?
> Such a openldap guide might least serve a purpose, more for newbies as
> supposed to the old salts, in that it could reduce chatter regards to
> getting a server compiled/running/loaded etc., in the first place, but
> call
> me an optimist.
> Cheers
> Brett
+1 billion to that!