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Re: howto view slapd configuration : ldapsearch VS slapcat

Olivier Guillard wrote:
Thanks Howard,

you can't ask for just a specific list of attributes. slapcat always
returns whole entries.

That's what I didn't get : thanks.

The slapcat(8) manpage says:

	The entry records will include all (user and operational)
attributes stored in the database.

You haven't shown an example of the command you attempted

I tried almost the same with the attribute that I try to retreive included :

slapcat -H "ldap:///cn=config??sub?(olcDatabase=*)"
    slapcat -H "ldap:///cn=config?olcAccess?sub?(olcDatabase=*)"

but obviously you did it wrong.

You are obviously right since I get this :

usage: slapcat [-v] [-d debuglevel] [-f configfile] [-F configdir] [-o
<name>[=<value>]] [-c]
	[-g] [-n databasenumber | -b suffix] [-l ldiffile] [-a filter] [-s
subtree] [-H url]

I thought that my URI was correct though.

The slapcat(8) manpage says:

       -H  URI
              use dn, scope and  filter  from  URI  to  only  handle  matching

It says nothing about using an attribute list in the URI.

Did you think we were just joking? That what the docs say is not what is actually meant?

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