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Re: howto view slapd configuration : ldapsearch VS slapcat

Olivier wrote:
Hi Howard,

As said in a previous mail, I had seen the "-a" option in the manual
that also says :  "-a : Deprecated : use -H ldap:///???(filter) instead."

I however tried "-a" and I humbly admit that I have not been able to
say : ' -s sub -b "cn=config" "(olcDatabase=*)" olcAccess ' using that
option ( by the way, I tend to beleive that it is not feasable and that
Sebastien was right at the end (-:

I only answered your question about how to use a filter with slapcat. You cannot duplicate the effect of ldapsearch completely; you can't ask for just a specific list of attributes. slapcat always returns whole entries.

I also looked at the recommended "-H" option but :

- first, as I understand it "-H" can't be used if slapd doesn't run,

Where does any documentation say that? Where do you get these mistaken understandings from? Please point them out so the documents can be corrected.

slapcat reads the database files directly. Whether slapd is running or not is irrelevant.

- Second, even with slapd runing, I have not been able with "-H" to say :
            -s sub -b "cn=config" "(olcDatabase=*)" olcAccess

You haven't shown an example of the command you attempted, so we can't tell what you did wrong, but obviously you did it wrong. Go read RFC4516.

slapcat -H "ldap:///cn=config??sub?(olcDatabase=*)"

I will survive without it to be honnest, but I just try to understand tools
and to be clean.


On Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 5:27 PM, Howard Chu<hyc@symas.com>  wrote:

Don't ask questions that are already answered in the manpages. RTFM.

See slapcat(8) option -a.

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