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Re: State of the relay backend and rwm overlay, is it safe?

Jeffrey Crawford wrote:
Hello anyone ;)

I came across this where the state of the rwm overlay was being
discussed. There seemed to be some indication that the state of both
slapd-relay and slapo-rwm "should" no longer be listed as experimental:


yet here we are 4 years later and both man pages still have the
experimental flag. In the above ticket there was some concern that the
configs were not yet available in cn=config and that is what was holding
things up.

As far as I can tell they seem to work fine in cn=config and one of they
replies to the ticket mentioned that work was done in that regard, but I
have to wonder why the expermential flag is still present. Is there
still some concern? perhaps related to the following?:


We are trying to roll out a new LDAP service and replacing our Sun
Directory Server software suite. I do intend to perform testing against
this arch, but I'm also not 100% sure what kinds of test I should be
performing to ensure the rwm and relay are working correctly.

I vaguely recall there are other issues with the RWM overlay but can't look at the moment. slapd-relay is fine as things go, but it's obviously useless without a solid RWM overlay.

Thanks again for any insight
Jeffrey Crawford

On 10/3/11 5:30 PM, Jeffrey Crawford wrote:

I'm sorry if this is answered somewhere already but I haven't found it.

In short we need to re-map some attributes for specific replication
schenerios where the replica actually records the data that we've mapped
on the master server.

Everything works as needed however I did notice that both relay and rwm
have been tagged as experimental. This would be used in a production
environment so I'm trying to get a sense if I can offer to use these
features in our architechture. Or if these backends/overlays are not
considered safe to use.

I'm using openldap 2.4.26


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