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Re: Compare-Request on hashed userPassword

On Wednesday, 28 September 2011 16:24:35 Dan White wrote:
> On 27/09/11 18:59 +0200, Michael Ströder wrote:
> >HI!
> >
> >We have {SSHA}-hashed passwords in attribute userPassword.
> >
> >One application sends CompareRequests with the clear-text password instead
> >of a BindRequest to validate the password which obviously fails. The
> >application vendor claims it is too much effort to change that behaviour
> >in the application. I guess this can only be solved in slapd by a custom
> >overlay intercepting the CompareRequest (which is effort too).
> >
> >Or is there any other solution I don't know of?
> We had a similar problem where Sun ILOM requires userPassword to be in a
> Solaris compatible crypt format. We created a custom attribute, called
> cryptedUserPassword, and populate it for the users that need access to the
> device. Then we make use of slapd-relay and slapo-rwm, to present
> cryptedUserPassword as userPassword when our relayed tree
> (dc=example,dc=net,dc=ilom) is queried.

What benefit is this over having the userPassword be in CRYPT? In either case, 
you're exposing weak passwords to a specific account. If an attacker could 
gain access to userPassword, most likely they have easier access to the 
cryptedUserPassword attribtue?

Yes, we have the same problem (but, this seems to be about the only really 
irritating misfeature of the ILOM, compared to the manifold problems of HP 

And yes, I would much rather find an avenue to escalate this to Sun/Oracle  

> Our slapd.conf config looks like:
> database                relay
> suffix                  "dc=example,dc=net,dc=ilom"
> overlay                 rwm
> rwm-rewriteEngine       on
> suffixmassage           "dc=example,dc=net"
> rwm-rewriteContext      default
> rwm-map                 attribute userPassword cryptedUserPassword
> rwm-map                 attribute cryptedUserPassword userPassword
> rwm-rewriteContext searchFilter
> rwm-rewriteRule ".*uid=(.*)\)\)" "(&(uid=$1)(someAccessAttr=ilom))"