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HP-UX, BDB cache size, db_private


In a project we have to use HP-UX 11.31 for the OpenLDAP server. But for
whatever reason it's not possible to configure more than a certain limit of
shared memory cache on this system. The admins responsible for this system
claim that there's no limit set for this system user and there's still plenty
of RAM...hmmm...does anybody here have a clue? (I'm not familiar with HP-UX at
all and the admin files cannot be viewed.)

Now they suggested to set BDB-option db_private to use the heap instead of
file-based shared memory. I pointed out that the caveats are that
1. one cannot query the cache hit ratio etc. with db_stat and
2. cache is always empty on server restart.

db_private turned out to be even worse on this system but still this question:
Anymore issues with db_private?

Thanks in advance.

Ciao, Michael.