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Re: What expect to log at info level?

Am 19.09.2011 10:57, schrieb Nick Urbanik:
> Dear Christian,
> On 19/09/11 09:52 +0200, Christian Manal wrote:
>>> 1. What should I expect to be logged at info priority with loglevel -1?
>>> 2. Does anyone have any suggestions of what I may be missing here?
>> Hi,
>> as far as I know, OpenLDAP doesn't really use syslog priorities. You
>> have to set at least 'debug' and then control what you want to log with
>> the loglevel setting in slapd.conf.
> With production machines, setting syslog to log debug priority for
> loglevel stats caused a massive write load to the disk, with excessive
> detail written at each client connection, making logging impractical
> to use at that level.
> Are you sure this is correct?  If so, then no logging is practical
> with OpenLDAP, which would be rather sad.

Not 100%. Since OpenLDAP has it's own facility on my boxes (local4),
this hasn't been an issue for me so far.

Christian Manal