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Re: OpenLDAP / PAM: No Username

Hi Howard,

thanks for your reply. I've disabled ncsd for now. Do you have any idea how I could force the error to test if ncsd really was the reason?

Bye for now.

On 14.09.2011 22:34, Howard Chu wrote:
Denis Witt wrote:

I'm running OpenLDAP 2.4.23-7.2 (from Debian Squeeze). Most of the time
everything works fine, the LDAP-Server is used by libpam/libnss, Samba,
Dovecot and Postfix. Sometimes when I log into the Server via SSH the
command prompt displays "Ich habe keinen Benutzernamen@servername"
(which means "I don't have a username") instead of my username. The
login itself works fine. The real problem is that if this happens the
Mailserver isn't able to deliver mails:

status=bounced (unknown user: "myusername")

Using google I found some other users with the "don't have a
username"-Problem, but most of the time they had a ACL-Problem. As the
LDAP-Server usually is working it seems that this isn't the problem.

Also the problem is gone when I restart the whole machine (just
restarting slapd doesn't help).

Any ideas?

You're probably running nscd. Google it. Then get rid of it.